Perry Beach Project

In the 1950s, the Perry Rotary Club donated a section of lakefront to the Village of Perry (VOP) to be used as a public park and swimming beach.

Regrettably, over time, this asset was disinvested in.

As the available amenities degraded, fewer patrons used it.

The VOP, in alignment with the outcomes of the Comprehensive Plan development process, is working to rejuvenate the Perry Beach and has started working on a project to renovate it. 

What are the project objectives? 

  • Provide family-friendly, free access to Silver Lake for the general public.
  • Bring swimming, fishing, paddling & picnicking back to our local communities and tourists alike to enjoy now and for future generations.
  • Create a destination & park on par or better than any public beach found in the greater Finger Lakes region.
  • Do all of this on a tight budget without raising taxes.
  • Complete a key component of the Silver Lake Trail connecting Perry Main Street with the lake and Letchworth Park.

What type of infrastructure is being considered? 

  • Sand beach & water access swimming area
  • Multipurpose pavilion with restrooms, changing area and shower facilities
  • Improved parking
  • New breakwall and docks
  • Launch area for watercraft such as kayaks and paddleboards
  • Temporary dockage for powerboats
  • Play areas
  • Landscaped Stage and seating
  • Improved performance space for events such as Shake on the Lake
  • & more


Oct 2018: Public Survey & Consultation

Nov/Dec 2018: Design Phase

Fall 2019: Break Ground

2020: Grand Opening

Why is this project important?

It is important for many reasons. 

In a nutshell, it will help to bring “lake life” back to Perry, and provide an attractive venue for performances, events and gatherings.

A vibrant village with attractive parks, public spaces, and infrastructure not only improves the quality of life for current residents, and neighbors.

These characteristics can also encourage tourism, attract new businesses and even new residents.

How Can I Help?

  • Drop some $ in one of the donation jars around town

  • Make a donation online, or by mail (PMSA, Attn: Perry Beach Donation, PO Box 186, Perry, NY 14530)

  • Acquire some art (including notecards and poster) from the Quaint Cottages of Silver Lake collection, by Esther Frank-Doyle & James Reynolds (all proceeds go to the Perry Beach Project!)

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